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Learning English with meaning at Kids&Us

This is Arlet, she is 10 years old, and she has been a student at Kids&Us for four years.
Imagen niño 1-2 años

Ages 1 to 2


The Kids&Us methodology takes advantage of the innate ability that babies have from a very early age to decipher language and introduces English in a space designed exclusively for them and to motivate their learning.
Imagen niña 3-8 años

Ages 3 to 8


We engage our students through games, a foolproof tool for them to experiment with language and to make English a part of their lives. The Kids&Us method offers a wide range of activities and services which complement its educational services.
Imagen niña 9-12 años

Ages 9 to 12


Our classes are immersive and dynamic, and they are full of activities created so that students continue taking in the new structures of the language so that they can put them into practise by taking with their teachers and classmates.
Imagen niño 13-18 años

Ages 13 to 18


The Kids&Us method guides our students until they are fully fledged adults by adapting to their needs and treating them with the same care with which we treat our babies. We support our teenagers until they become empowered and capable of expressing themselves to the whole world in English.

How do we achieve that at Kids&Us?
By working with meaning.

Working with meaning is about being consistent with ourselves, acting accordingly, putting our students and their families at the heart of everything, and contributing with our actions to the health of our environment and our planet, where new generations will grow up.
The students and their families are our raison d'être.
A natural method of learning English which grows at the same pace as our students.
We are committed to protecting our environment and our planet.

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